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studio The recording studio at Wildplum Recordings is a music production studio located in Oakland, CA (San Fransisco Bay Area). At Wildplum we recognize that in any recording project, it is the performance that is paramount. Thus our first priority is you, the musician. We offer highly personalized service and a relaxed, intimate, comfortable atmosphere, together with finest in digital and analog equipment (i.e., we record and edit digitally using Pro Tools HD but mix in the analog domain, using our extensive equipment inventory-"out of the box", it just sounds better); all aimed at helping you reach your creative peak.

Here' s what Derek Sivers (the founder of CD Baby) wrote to us after he received Wildplum' s recording of the Palm Wine Boys: "We're REALLY picky about what goes on the front page. We get about 75 new albums a DAY coming in here now, (about 30,000 total), and yours is one of the best I've ever heard."

With over 35 years experience recording a variety of music, both in concert and in the studio, Wildplum can handle most any project; be it classical, folk, folk rock, punk folk, roots, alt. country, blues, pop, or rock. We also do mastering, audio editing and sonic restoration work, as well as voice-overs and narration.

"Perfection. I just listened to your work in my car and it is just exquisite...it flows beautifully and sounds amazing. Thank you my friend for your belief in me as an artist and for your expertise and dedication as an engineer. I could not be happier with the sound and feel of this project, thanks to you...just a great job, Paul." - David Maloney (of the folk duo Reilly and Maloney)

I've recorded artists from many different genres, including: Eric Andersen, Ginny Reilly & David Maloney, Box Set, Caren Armstrong, Palm Wine Boys, Celtic Elvis, Peter Rowan, Sourdough Slim, Jonathan Coulton, Dave Nachmanoff, Tom Rigney, as well as The Santa Rosa Symphony, Marin Symphony, California Bach Society, and many others.


"Older Ladies", Donnalou Stevens' funny, charming, and empowering music video, has surpassed eighteen million views (YEP, 18,000,000) on YouTube and 30 million(!) on Facebook.
It was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Paul Tumolo at Wildplum Studio. Check it out.

Wildplum is not your typical commercial studio. There is only one engineer here, me (Paul Tumolo), and I produce or co-produce about half of the projects I record. In a very real sense, artists record here because of me. Whatever the layout, gear, or recording media, a studio is only as good as the recordist behind the board.

Recording is an art form based on science. It can't be done paint-by-numbers or by formula. Sure you have to have a good grounding in the technical things, but you absolutely must be in touch with the soul of the music. Music is about conveying emotion. A great recording is one that moves people. To me, a successful project is one which accomplishes three things. It maintains artistic integrity, it fulfills the artist's vision, and people responded to it emotionally. I am not here to put my imprint on your music. I'm here to assist you to realize your vision on record; to help you make the record you want to make.


Sample Wildplum Studio Recordings
  Artist Song Title Style
Jen Spool The Cup singer/songwriter
Tracy Miller Can't Let Go Americana/Rock
David Maloney One Day More singer/songwriter
Peter Schmitz Glory Train singer/songwriter
Chuck Steed Mean Green Machine Rock
Palm Wine Boys Colors and Lovers palm wine music
Elise and Steve New Year's (excerpt) folk jazz
Sourdough Slim Cow Puncher Blues cowboy blues
In The Swing In Walked Bud Jazz
The Jonah Kit Something's Turned in You Punk Folk
Caren Armstrong Leaving Lincoln County singer/songwriter
Lorin Rowan Trio Russian River Lullaby instrumental
Ilene Adar Flying Pigs singer/songwriter
Frank Jaffe Bodega Dunes classical guitar
Tracy Miller Lives In Hopes singer/songwriter
Gary Wade McCrea Chocolate Brown acoustic blues
Lorin Rowan Trio Eleanor Rigby instrumental
David Maloney Main Street Blues "50's" Rock & Roll
Eliyahu & Qadim V'Ahavta chant
Sourdough Slim Lady Be Good cowjazz
EBLS Work Alt Rock
Lorin Rowan Trio Uncertainty folk/pop
Nearly Beloved Sub. Homesick Blues Rock
Palm Wine Boys He Said palm wine music
Jim Ocean Band FrankenClime enviro-rock

Taylor Lee laying down backing vocals for her mom's CD.
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