East Brother Light Station (EBLS)   (click on photo to enlarge)


Joe Craven playing the "Motel Standard Plastic Trash Can".
Don't laugh; in Joe's hands it sounded fantastic.

Jen Spool

Caren Armstrong with koto master Shirley Kazuyo Muramoto (leader of the Murasaki Ensemble) during the recording session for Caren's song "Origami".

Caren in her element- deep in concentration,
surrounded by guitars and microphones.



Peter Tucker, drums and Chris Kee, bass (members of the Americana band Houston Jones).



Taylor Lee laying down backing vocals for her mom's CD.



QB Williams
QB Williams at the mic,
a Soundelux (Bock) E-47.



Andrew Voigt
Saxophonist Andrew Voight recording a soprano sax.
Rick Dougherty, formerly of The Kingston Trio and The Limelighters, laying down vocals for a new solo album.