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I am always happy to have a frank discussion with perspective clients about the kind of record they want to make and how I might be able to help them achieve that vision. Please feel free to drop me an email or give me a call.

Address: Wildplum Recordings
P.O. Box 13207
Oakland, CA 94661-0207
Telephone: 510 654 6507
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Studio Services

Multitrack Recording. We can record anything from a solo instrumentalist to a 6 piece band in our large room (check out the song sample of Eliyahu & Qadim which featured 6 musicians and 4 backup singers- all recorded live in the studio without overdubs). We use an ultra high quality signal chain composed of modern and vintage microphones and other gear, recorded digitally to industry standard Pro Tools HD.

Mixing. Send us your already recorded tracks for a high quality mix down. Our mixing environment is a blend of analog outboard gear (both modern and classic vintage) and state of the art digital audio workstation (Pro Tools). We mix "outside the box", through a real mixer interfacing with the very best in analog processing and using Pro Tools as a "tape machine with editing".

Mastering.Mastering is the final step before a record is sent off to the manufacturing plant (CD, vinyl, cassette, or other medium). It ensures that the final "production master" is suitable for the type of manufacturing required (e.g. red book standard for CDs). The stereo master (either from a final mix done at Wildplum or somewhere else) may also be processed to make it is the best that it can be, without changing the sonic integrity of the recorded music. Depending on the mix, any of a number of possible enhancements can be made. For example, ensuring the level and tonal balance is consistent from song to song on the album (most common), adjusting fades and time between songs, eliminating hum and hiss, adjust stereo width, etc.

Overdubbing.We can overdub or add new tracks to your existing tracks or mix.

Editing. Audio editing existing tracks involves manipulation of sound files in the digital domain. For example, "comping" a vocal or removing stray noises from studio or live recordings.

Sonic Restoration. Restoration is the process of removing unwanted noise which degrades the sound quality or intelligibility of the recording- without damaging the recording. We can treat many kinds of problems including tape hiss, clicks and pops, static, rumble and hum, street or air conditioner noise, older recording suffering from "age", various mouth or finger noises, even removing chair squeaks during an orchestral performance or audience coughs! Hear example

Studio Rates

All studio services are available for one flat rate: $50 per hour. Simple.



Remote Recording Service

Remote Recording Rates

Rates for remote recording services are set by the project.
The demands of remote projects vary tremendously and the specific requirements of each project determine the cost. The number or amount of tracks, microphones, assistant engineers, and equipment required, as well as the nature of the venue and music, all come into play when determining cost. Generally, rates vary from $200 to $2,000. To help you guide your planning, here are some examples:
A direct to disc stereo recording of a student recital: $150-$300
A 4 to 8 mic setup for a symphonic orchestra with chorus in a church: $400-$1000
A 16 track recording of a folk group at a venue such as the Freight and Salvage: $800-$1,200
A 24 track recording of a rock band at a venue such as the Fillmore: $1,400-2,500

Contact me and we can discuss the specific requirements of your project.