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Wildplum recently recorded Fall and Fly, a piece for 12 pianos, at San Francisco Botanical Garden’s Great Meadow in Golden Gate Park. This was a special opening event for the annual Flower Piano celebration.

Composer Benjamin Gribble created the commissioned work for twelve grand pianos. Stanford University Symphony Orchestra Music Director Paul Phillips conducted the piano choir in this one-of-a-kind performance, in front of a sold out crowd of over a thousand. The event was produced by Dean Mermell of Sunset Piano, assisted by Mauro ffortissimo. Live sound engineer Todd Nelson nailed the difficult job of providing sound reinforcement for the event, while cinematographer Frazer Bradshaw filmed the event (including a drone camera) for an upcoming documentary.

And it was a lovely day in GGP.
Photo1: the piano choir during setup; Photo2: during pre-concert rehearsal; Photo3: the Wildplum rig with the audience entering




Artistic Director: Shulamit Hoffmann conducting Viva la Musica! in a 2020 performance of works by Dan Forrest, W. A. Mozart, René Carlos Ochoa, and Evan Mack   See it on Youtube

Sample Wildplum Remote Recordings
  Artist Style Venue
Santa Rosa Symphony Symphony Wells Fargo CPA
California Bach Society Choral, Early Music St. Marks
Vukani Mawethu Choral, a cappella modern La Peña
Miles Graber Quartet Piano Quartet Strings
Molly Axtmann Solo Piano Molly's Living Room
Reilly and Maloney Folk Duo Freight and Salvage
Tom Rigney Cajun Blues Ashkenaz
Eric Andersen Singer/Songwriter Freight and Salvage
Box Set Folk Duo Noe Valley Ministry
Jemimah Puddleduck Blues Rock Great American Music Hall
Dave Nachmanoff Celtic Guitar The Palms
Invisible Ensemble Film Score (extract) 8 piece Orchestra
W.D. Amaradeva Sri Lankan Sinhala San Mateo PAC
Celtic Elvis Folk Satire Strings
Calaveras Singer/Songwriter Strings
Sourdough Slim Cowboy Jazz The Palms
Lorin Rowan Trio Violin Guitar Cello Living Room



Box Set

The latest CD from indie favorites Box Set, "One Night Live", was recorded at the Freight and Salvage in Berkeley by Wildplum's Paul Tumolo. The CD is available from Box Set Band; downloads are on both CDBaby and iTunes. Listen to a sample YouTube

"One of the best sounding live recordings that I've heard in a long time."- Rosalie Howarth, KFOG Acoustic Sunrise

NO DEPRESSION review says: "One Night Live" offers a splendid set of seventeen songs."



Wildplum offers a remote, on-location, professional recording service dedicated to capturing the sound you want anywhere you want it. We bring the highest quality studio equipment to the remote location, together with a sound understanding of how to go about recording on location. Whether you are a singer/songwriter, a symphony orchestra, a jazz trio, a rock band, or a classical chamber ensemble; you can make a recording anywhere you feel comfortable- at a concert or other gig, in a church, in a rented cabin at Tahoe, in a great sounding room in a home, even in an open field!

Remote recordings of exceptionally high quality are achieved by knowledgeable techs using only top equipment, meticulously maintained. Our equipment selections, as well as our approach to recording, where developed specifically with remote recording as the primary focus of our recording activities.

In reviewing Sourdough Slim's Swingin' at the Palms , the Western Music Advocate had this to say: "The fact that it was recorded at the Palms in California, before a 'live' audience, gives listeners the feeling of being there. 'Live' recordings are hard to engineer, but this one is done with exceptional skill. A tip of the old sombrero to [Wildplum] engineer Paul Tumolo!"

Want to see what a music video sounds like? Check out Jonathan Coulton's "Best. Concert. Ever." Jonathan Coulton on YouTube. Wildplum did the audio recording for this concert at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco. Or watch the Miles Graber Piano Quartet, recorded at Strings in Emeryville.

Recognizing that it is the performance that is the most important part of any recording, we know how to record unobtrusively. We seek to make the musicians as comfortable as possible during the recording process. Our client-centered service goes the extra mile, leaving you free to do your thing. Revel in the excitement and spontaneity that only a live audience can provide, or simply take the studio drudgery out of your next record and do it somewhere where you can kick back and be free to create your music, your way. Be it in front of a fireplace or a live audience, Wildplum can capture the magic that sets your music apart.

Our large equipment list allows us to match the right gear to the recording requirements. Microphones from DPA, Bruel and Kjaer, Neumann, Soundelux, AKG, etc.; Mellennia, API, Neve and Demeter pre amps; Apogee and Mytek converters; redundant recording systems; Pro Tools; UPS power; fully transformer isolated splitter; intercom system; and time code generator. It's a real system operated by real engineers who know about microphone placement and crowd-micing.


Reilly & Maloney

Reilly & Maloney at the Freight & Salvage during the recording of the CD Brighter Light

Sourdough Slim in Davis, CA, Swingin' at the Palms