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Since moving to San Francisco from her native Ireland (by way of a wee bit of globe trotting), BeRn has established herself as one of the spunkiest and most arresting artists in the Bay Area's underground music scene. Her music- which she once blithely called "frock"- is a unique fusion of Irish roots and American folk music. The lilt in her voice and her penchant for traditional instrumentation reflect her Irish history, but her lyrics and presentation are undeniable those of a thoroughly modern, independent woman seeking her way in the chaotic world of the new century. A cross between Sinead and Patti Smith, with a dollop of Neil Young and Dylan, the targets of her emotionally charged songs range from world hunger, to gay and women's rights, to the insanity of war; mixed in with intensely personal odes of love and loss, plus more than a little humor and compassion.

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