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Pop Tunes for Mystics by Jim Ocean
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1 The Lennon Song
2 Deep Blue Sea
3 Aly Marie
4 Time Runs Away
5 Child of the War
6 Tornado
7 Dark Matter
8 Falling
9 Window
10 Drop of Time
11 Fear and Love
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Truth seekers just got eleven new songs to hum. Touches of early Donovan, Dan Fogelberg, Leonard Cohen. Jim's songs are deep and romantic with themes of universal love, compassion, and courage. A secular ride through spiritual terrain.

Pop Tunes for Mystics is a new compilation of original material-mostly on the serious side this time, with lyrics that explore the depths of human experience. True to his nature, this album travels a wide-ranging variety of musical terrain. Full of thought-provoking material, beautiful & haunting melodies and a provocative, refreshing mix of instrumentation, his new project is a multi-layered gourmet feast for the ears and soul.

1 The Lennon Song 3:17
A song about universal love written through the eyes of John Lennon.

2 Deep Blue Sea 4:59
The reward for facing down existential fear is a passionate merging into the aliveness of the present moment.

3 Aly Marie 4:00
A song written for my step-daughter as she crested adolescence. Ambivalence is written large in teenagers, but exists in all of us.

4 Time Runs Away 4:53
"Time runs away like a kid with a stolen pie, and try as you may You'll never catch this guy." Time stays one step ahead.

5 Child of the War 4:31
My mother's true story of growing up in Germany during the Nazi era, and never believing the holocaust was real.

6 Tornado 4:46
A mid-western child's view of a tornado as the outward reflection of his family's inner struggles.

7 Dark Matter 5:11
The elusive nature of the universe is a siren song to those who wish to understand its mysteries.

8 Falling 3:56
Not knowing evokes a liberating trust fall into the life we have left. A song about letting go.

9 Window 4:01
A love song for my wife Kathy. I see life clearly through her eyes. Everyday, I trust and rely on what she sees.

10 A Drop of Time 5:20
The place where the river of longing flows to the sea. The soul surrenders and returns home again.

11 Fear and Love 4:38
A courageous act transforms fear into love.

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