Old Stories by Palm Wine Boys
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1 Wake Up
2 It's Alright
3 Old Story
4 Hard To Know
5 Astronauts and Fishermen
6 Shadows
7 Come Along
8 What A Day
9 Another Day
10 Mountain
11 Your Calm
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Christopher Anderson of the Victory Review Acoustic Music Magazine had these nice things to say about Old Stories:

This disc leaps out clearly with vocals, lyrics, rhythms and multi-rhythms with writing so vivid that waiting for the next cut is a task.
The work is soothing with strong lyrics, vocals and harmonies, there seems to be a real sense of calmness
Linley’s vocals are pure and more professional than many out there these days on the radio waves. I’m not much into comparisons so I won’t even attempt to place him, but he is immediately distinctive and his ability at belting out ballad or up-tempo tunes is formidable.

Check out the full review at Victory Music Magazine.


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