Kill a Tree for Christ

an inconvenient Christmas Carol
by the legendary Celtic Elvis



The most unique
Christmas card
your friends will
ever receive.

A fabulous stocking stuffer!

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Kill a Tree for Christ is available as a very special and unique Christmas card. The Christmas card includes:
  • the three inch mini CD single
  • a high quality Christmas card (which features the lyrics printed on the inside)
  • a deluxe foil lined envelope.

Please note: Mini CDs will play in most CD players, including most portables. They usually will not play in slot loading players (the type sometimes found in car stereos).




"Sure to be a Christmas classic for many years to come" - Dr. Demento




That's right, just in time for the season; the legendary Celtic Elvis has released an inconvenient Christmas Carol - Kill a Tree for Christ

The marauding heavy mental folk band that brought you songs like "Little Head", "Singing in the Acid Rain", "America (is only as good as your next door neighbor)", "Male Pattern Numbness", "Love as Real Estate (you're my fixer upper)" and "The Road to Gridlock" has turned their fiercely satirical eye to one of America's most cherished traditions - the Christmas tree - and they rip it right out of the ground.

Kill a Tree for Christ is 2 minutes and 22 seconds of pure American folk satire (ala Tom Lehrer or the Smothers Brothers).

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Kill a Tree for Christ is also available as an MP3 download, iTunes and MP3 player compatible. (To facilitate streaming, the sample above is at 128kbs. Our downloads are encoded at 320 kbit/s, the maximum sound quality for mp3's.)


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