FrankenClime by Jim Ocean Band
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1 FrankenClime
2 She's So Cold
3 Plastilla
4 The First To Go Under
5 Ghost Towns in Ukraine
6 Road to Gridlock
7 Singing in the Acid Rain
8 The New Abnormal
9 The Invisible Obvious
10 Living in the Weeds
11 Fighting for Love
12 Sequoia Sempervirons
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they say we may be
the last to know the redwoods.
you and me,
we're under attack by enviro-monsters,
hell bent on shrink wrapping the earth,
flooding our streets with iceberg melt.
addicted to the oil freeway,
dreaming of a nuclear getaway,
and singing in a dirty shower.
ya, it's a new abnormal alright,
it's so bloody obvious.
and we're just bugs...
but we're doing it for love,
and the redwoods.

and while we're changing things
we can laugh and have some fun.
and that's what this album is about.

Jim has put together a new band to back him through a rocking set of environmently conscious songs. His writing is just so vividly true and funny. And the band- well, with vocals, lyrics, rhythms, and guitars (plus one violin), this disc leaps out at you, making waiting for the next cut a task!

The in-your-face energy and contagious hooks will have you dancing, laughing, and thinking all at the same time.
Becsides, the earth needs a good garage band- and so do we.


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