Independent Girl
Independent Girl by Caren Armstrong
Preview Track   Song Title
1 Independent Girl
2 Don't Go To Sleep
3 Maybe I Did
4 I Feel Your Love
5 Stay Away From Me
6 Its a Long Long Way
7 Pound of Flesh
8 Slipping Away
9 I Can t Stop Thinking About You
10 Leaving Lincoln County
11 Independent Again
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Troubadour Caren Armstrong sings from her heart, tackling such taboo emotions as anger and fear, along with the more sought after feelings of joy, hope, and love; “Leave no emotional stone unturned” is her motto.

Caren's new CD, Independent Girl, is a collection of songs about real life, sung with passion and precision.

Independent Girl captures a woman as she picks over her past and packs up her hopes and fears into boxes and leaves. The future is uncertain, the world is unfamiliar, but the call to live a different life is undeniable.

Don't Go To Sleep asks us to overcome our apparent circumstances, see beyond the veil, surrender our trances and claim our true Selves.

Maybe I Did "Did I mean to make you uncomfortable? Well, Maybe I Did". All in love is fair...or not. Caren co-wrote this sassy tune with Nashville songwriter Kate Wallace.

The touching and humble I Feel Your Love is an offering of gratitude. There is no greater gift than the ability to receive. Love truly does have the power to transform fear.

Stay Away From Me begins with the line, "Well, I wish you was a snake, so I could skin your ass and roast it on the fire." Count on Caren to say exactly what she feels. "Cleanly expressed, anger is a righteous emotion. I'm proud to be doing my part to put the angst back into folk music".

It's a Long Long Way. Love don't come easy and it don't come free. Any journey from the known to the unknown is a Long, Long Way.

Pound of Flesh takes a satirical look at our obsession with image and the media. "Mr. TV network, pulling on your strings, shows you how to feel and what to think"

Slipping Away acknowledges that when you are in a place where you just don't belong, leaving is the only thing you can do. But that doesn't make it easy to go.

I Can't Stop Thinking About You explores the notion that wanting is often the better part of having.

Leaving Lincoln County: Eastern Washington State; an old ferry; a parasol and a cloud filled lake. A hauntingly beautiful song about journeys, possibilities, and that magical time between departing and arriving.

Independent Again...Off she goes into the sunset, a smile on her face and a song in her heart...


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